Muscle gain diet plan 7 days

Muscle gain diet plan for 7 days can be a hectic task if you are unaware of the science behind it. If you want to lose fat and gain muscle mass, you need a diet plan that will help you to eat more quality food. Every meal you take must be packed with nutrients to help you gain muscle mass you need.

In fact, you need a surplus in your calories when you are gaining muscles. If you are not eating enough, you will end with nothing. As a result, you will not enjoy your muscle gaining process, and you will go nowhere.

It is essential to know the science behind proper nutrition.  Working out isn’t going to pay you back. Along with it, you need to take care of your food as well. As it is said, “you are what you eat,” make sure you are taking care of your diet if you want to see the right results.

Want to lose weight? Nutrition is the key! It doesn’t matter if you wish to lose weight or gain muscle; you have to take care of your nutrition. Make sure you are on a calories surplus if your aim is gaining muscle.

Though, sometimes preparing your muscle gaining meal can be a little hectic and tedious, mainly if you are unaware of the starting point. Moreover, it is tough to manage the whole lot, to consume all those calories when you want to be fit.


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And, I’m talking about “Kitchen.”

Your body is not built in the gym but in the kitchen. As I said earlier, you are what you eat. Your muscle gaining process depends on 70% diet you take and 30% workout you do.

It’s all about your kitchen!

Get out of your bed, stock up the groceries you are going to have in the coming week. If you want to go from zero to hero, make sure you are doing it in a jiffy. Let’s take an example of some of the things you should buy for your muscle gain:

Fruit: Bananas, Berries, Tropical Fruits, Avocado, etc.

Veggies: Green Veggies, Beans, Brussels Sprouts, Sweet Potato, etc.

Protein: Chicken Breast, Egg Whites, Fish, Protein Powders, Greek Yoghurt, etc.

Oils: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, etc.

Snacks: Nuts and Seeds, etc.

Now that you have got an idea about what to buy, it’s time for you to count your calories per day. While gaining muscles, you need to eat enough calories. And, if you are not working, you still have to eat enough not to lose your existing muscles.

Make sure you are completing your daily calories; otherwise, you will end up converting your fat and muscle into energy, and in the end, you will get nothing, right?

Importance of Diet!

Diet is the one most significant part of muscle building. A regular diet with sufficient carbs lets you train hard on all your training days. A fabulous diet and nutrition plan for muscle building is not rocket science, and of course, it is not complicated. If you want to lose fat and gain muscle, you need to work for it.

Fact: Do you know that your muscles are made from proteins?  You need to challenge yourself to grow.

The Fundamentals of 7 Days Muscle Gain Diet Revealed

For you to do intense training, you need to have a diet according to your goals. This diet plan will clean your body and help you reduce your weight.

I know what your goals are! You want to gain weight, lose fat and increase your muscle mass, right? If you’re going to forget bad fat, you need to take more lean protein in your diet to look attractive and sexy. In fact, fat is basically generated from testosterone. It helps to add energy, and it is vital to building muscle. Moreover, fats take care of many other functions of the body.

To gain muscle, you have to gain weight first. If you are struggling to slim down, you have to follow a diet with high protein. You will slim down and see some positive results on your skin and digestive system. Keep in mind that gaining weight is not a joke at all, and it does not mean you have to eat a high amount of trans fat.

The Hidden Facts on 7 Days Muscle Gain Diet

Well, entirely switching your diet isn’t an easy task. The muscle gaining diet is not viable over a longer time as you have dump essential nutrients for a while. You cannot eat every vegetable and fruits while gaining muscle. But, on the other hand, this diet is not entirely flawless as it can do wonders also.

Mixing a nutritious diet with resistance training two to three times per week can give you better results.

Top 5 nutrition tips

  1. Don’t Skip the Meal:Try not to be in hunger mode. If you are doing so, you are likely to eat the foods lacking in nutrition. To fuel your metabolism and control your blood sugar level, you have to eat good food regularly.
  2. Stay Away from Processed Food:Processed food can harm your system as it contains higher calories and lacks nutrients. Eating whole grains can do wonders for you as it is full of nutrition.
  3. Don’t Forget To Stay Hydrated:Consuming enough water a day is highly recommended. You cannot escape from knowing the benefits of staying hydrated. It will help you to focus on your goals, to perform better in the gym, and you will feel less hungry.
  4. Don’t Dump the Carbs:Carbs are not as bad as you think. You have to eat them cleverly. Take starchy carbs during pre and post-workout as it provides instant energy to the body. And, non-starchy food can be taken at any time of the day.

Eat Enough Protein:

Proteins are the building blocks of the muscles. Eating enough protein will not only help you gain desired muscles but also helps to increase metabolism.

TIP: Chicken, turkey, lean beef, fish and low-fat dairy are the best source of protein. You can also make use of protein shake.

What to Eat?

Now that you are aware of the science behind gaining muscle and losing fat, it’s time for you to take the right action. Before you dig deep, don’t forget to eat enough water throughout the day.

When it comes to muscle building, calories and carbs are your best friends. And, it doesn’t mean you are going to have whatever you and whenever to want to. Instead, eat high nutrition diet and complex carbs.

Here’s what you have to eat to gain muscle:

Note that this is just a sample diet plan; you can adjust it according to your needs!


Almond or low fat milk

Oats or Oatmeal



Fruit of your choice

Eggs are a great source of protein, and they contain healthy fats. You can either boil them or make an omelette with olive oil or coconut oil.  Along with it, prepare oatmeal or oats by adding cinnamon and milk in it. Add banana into your oats to make them more weight as it contains potassium.


Chicken Breast

Pasta or rice

Fresh veggies

Now that you are done with your healthy breakfast, it’s time for you to have a lunch. As you on a bulk mode, you have the freedom to eat enough calories a day. So, along with the chicken, you can try pasta or rice for complex carbs and healthy fats.

Fats have bad reputation, but it not the truth in case of muscle gaining process. As long as you are taking the following meal, keep your fat intake a little low.


Cottage cheese

Peanut or almond butter



Whole wheat bread

Peanuts and almonds contain lots of protein and healthy fats. Cottage cheese, on the other hand, is a superb low-fat source of protein. If you are doing a physically demanding job, peanuts and almonds are great options. No one can eat the combination of whole wheat bread and peanut butter. In the end, add a fruit of your choice to add some vitamins, fibre and carbs.


Fresh vegetables

Lean meat or fish

Whole wheat bread


Eating heavy dinner can be a problem whether you are on a bulking mode or shredding. Eat lots of fresh vegetables in your dinner and add cheese in it. Add cucumber and tomato with it as it contains fibre that would help the food to digest. When you are bulking, it is essential to eat protein before sleeping. Eating fish or lean meat can be the best option in this case.

Wrapping it up

At the end of the day, your aim must be to gain muscle mass in which your body is in proper shape. If you are a thin person, you have to be patient enough to get results. The absorption power of a thin person is a little low, so don’t focus on gaining fat around your abdominal area.

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