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Honey & Lemon For Weight Loss? Sorry Myth Busted here

Want a shortcut for weight loss? Anyway, why do you want a shortcut? 

What do you do when your best friend comes to your home after 2 years? Do you give her/him a glass of honey and lemon with water or do you make yummy parathas dipped in ghee? Got my point? When you know how to shower love on others, why not shower some on yourself too?

In short, honey and lemon with water does not help you lose fat. Honey and lemon will only help you stay hydrated. The fat loss will only occur if you are on a calorie deficit diet. In other words, if you are eating less than your burn.

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We all hear that we need to avoid fruits that make us fat. And bananas are the top listed fruit which is blamed to be fatty. Like other foods, bananas have calories, and it’s true. 

Bananas will not make you fat as they are the main source of carbohydrates and 1 gram of carb has 4 calories. So, it will depend on your daily calorie requirements. If you are eating more than the required calories per day then you will gain fat. Eating bananas will not make you fat, eating access calories will. 

Bananas are a more nutritious healthy snack option than other alternatives like your favorite chips with the same number of calories. But, it does not mean to eat those chips regularly. 



Since our childhood, we have been listening to the same thing that sugar is our enemy. But, why? What is the reason? Most of them are unaware of it. 

The problem is not sugar. The actual issue is that we don’t know how much quantity we have to take. We eat so much of it that it turns into an addiction

If you are the one who hates sugar just because your mom has told it without any reason, but deep down, you want to taste it. You don’t want to hurt your taste buds for the rest of your life. 

In this article, we are going to discuss why sugar is not your enemy and what is your real enemy. 

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What Do You Mean By The Term Fat Protein Efficient?

Have you ever heard about the term Fat Protein Efficient? Well, some of you might have, but I am sure for many of you, it might be an alien term. Don’t worry!!!

Ever wondered why a few people shed their weight easily while you cannot.

Why do some of your friends remain fit even if they are eating lots of fats and you are not even touching it, but still not getting results?

The reason might be you are not Fat Protein Efficient.

I know, I know, what you are thinking right now what is fat protein efficient. Well, there is nothing to worry about most people are unaware of this term including most fitness experts.

If we talk about the term “fat protein efficient,” it is connected to Metabolic Typing Diet

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Is Vodka Good For Health? Health Benefits, Dosage & Side Effects

Vodka consumption is a very controversial topic, which traditionally creates a lot of controversies.

Vodka is a good option for Health as it is low in calories. Vodka helps in lowering cholesterol and is a great stress reducer. Vodka can also increase blood flow in your body that can prevent strokes, clots and other diseases. 

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Can You Lose Weight with Drinking More Water ?

Water is required for various functions in the body. Our body is mostly made up of water.

Water is required for digestion, breathing, and various other functions. An adequate amount of water is required to keep the body hydrated.

A dehydrated body is always at risk of various health problems. To keep the body hydrated you must drink an adequate amount of water daily.

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