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Month: June 2019

How to Build New Healthy Habits?

How to Build New Healthy Habits?

At some point in life or maybe a day before, you might have made a resolution to change your life.

That is really good as you have taken the very first step to change your habits –‘the most challenging thing in the world.’

You might have told some of your friends about your resolution and about to post it on your Facebook and Instagram account. Maybe, this is your second resolution of the year, and you are about to start again or may be right now. But, before you go further, and get in shape, Healthshala is here to help you out!

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How to Stay Fit and Healthy This Summer

How to Stay Fit and Healthy This Summer?

Summer has finally arrived! Hurray!! It is the time to pack your bag and go to your favorite vacation spot. But, wait, are you missing something? Yes, your fitness!

On the other hand, summer means thrill and fun, but most of you often forget how harmful the sun rays can be. The UV rays from the sun can affect your body as well as skin. Along with it, you get more dehydrated in the summer due to the nasty sweat.

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