7 High Calorie Weight Gain Vegan Foods

As a skinny person, you might be struggling to gain weight. You might have tried lots of things in order to gain weight. But, you are still in the same position and might be depressed. 

News Alert- Just kidding, and want to tell you that you can still gain weight. All you have to do is to track your calories and follow your diet religiously and consistently. 

Ok, if you are a vegan, it becomes far more difficult for you to gain weight. Because vegan diet is known to be carbs friendly. 

However, if you look around, you will find people roaming around with six-pack abs and big biceps. 

Now, you might be wondering how they do it being a vegan. It’s just because you are unaware of proper nutrition when it comes to a vegan diet. 

As it is said, your body is built in the kitchen, not in the gym. It is all about 70% diet you take and 30% workout you do. So, it does not matter whether you eat non-veg, veg, or anything else, it’s all about what you eat and how much you eat. 

If you are a vegan, don’t get disheartened because healthshala has got you covered. We have come up with immense knowledge, and data that will surely help you to gain weight.         

Without any further ado, let’s get started. I hope, you end this article with full satisfaction. 

How Do You Gain Weight? 

Imagine, you have the best foods and supplements in the world and you are eating that diet without tracking your calories. 

Do you know what’s going to happen if you do the same? You will end up with nothing. Which means you will not gain weight. 

There is only one thing that you must keep in mind when you are gaining weight. 

“You need to go surplus”

Yeah, that’s it!!!!

You just need to know your daily caloric requirements and then you have to go surplus from 300 to 500. 

NOTE: Make sure you are not eating junk because you have to complete your calories. 

Now that you know the science behind it, it’s time for you to know what food to eat during the journey. 

So, here are a bunch of nutritious vegan foods that would add extra calories you need to gain weight. 

1. Keep Dry Fruits In Your Pocket 

One of the best ways to gain weight is to add dry fruits in your diet. It contains extra calories, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Studies show that dry fruits are rich in fiber and antioxidants. They provide micronutrients that are 3–5 times more concentrated than in fresh fruit 

FACT: Dry fruits are high in natural sugars. So it is essential to mix it with protein in order to minimize the effects on your blood sugar.  

Try It

Mixing your choice of dried fruit with oatmeal or yogurt would provide you a high-calorie breakfast. You can also try it with nuts and seeds to make it even more nutritious. 

2. Add Olive Oil Into your Diet  

Well-known for its health-promoting properties, olive oil is rich in healthy monounsaturated fats.  

Olive oil is loaded with powerful antioxidants that will help you to fight chronic diseases.  

Fact: Monounsaturated fats help improve blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes, increase the levels of good HDL cholesterol, and reduce blood triglycerides

Try It 

Olive oil can help add plenty of good calories to your diet. You can mix it into a salad dressing, drizzle it over cooked veggies to add that extra calorie.  

3. Don’t Forget To Add Nuts Into Your Diet 

Looking to gain weight? Nuts are a great source of healthy fats, calories, and protein and are a perfect source to gain weight.

Adding a handful of nuts like cashews, almonds, pecans or walnuts can add those extra calories needed in your diet to support weight gain in a healthy way.

NOTE: Most of the nut butter is high in calories and they are a fast and handy way for people who are struggling to gain weight. 

Try It

Nut butter is high in protein and has high-calorie content. You can add nut butter to snacks or smoothies for a boost of protein and calories. 

4. One Of The Best Foods To Gain Weight – Avocado 

Well-known for their delicious and creamy texture, Avocados are one of the best foods to gain weight. 

They have an essential nutrient profile and are one of the best sources of food to gain weight. 

Note: Avocados are full of micronutrients, including folate, vitamin C, potassium, and pantothenic acid. 

Try It

Do you like morning smoothies? Add half an avocado to your morning smoothie. This is an easy way to add healthy fats to your diet.

5. Sweet Potatoes 

Sweet potatoes are high in fiber, calories, minerals, and vitamins and can be prepared in a number of ways.

They are a well-known starchy vegetable favored for their vibrant color, nutrient profile, and tasty flavor. They are high in fiber and calories, plus several essential minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins.

Note: Do you know that a single serving can give you plentiful manganese, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and potassium. 

Try It  

One cup (200 grams) of cooked sweet potato contains 6.5 grams of fiber and 180 calories. These are enough to add those extra healthy calories to your diet. 

6. Smoothies 

Don’t just get disheartened if you are not able to complete your daily calorie intake. Vegan smoothies are a convenient and quick way to get those healthy calories in a “single serving.”

Nutritious sources of protein like soy yogurt and vegan protein powder can optimize the potential health benefits. Fresh or dried fruits, nut butter, almond milk, avocados, seeds, and coconut oil are all excellent sources of nutritious, calorie-dense smoothie.

Note: Take your smoothie after or between meals in place of as a meal substitute to maximize your weight gain and calorie consumption.

 Try It

Vegan smoothies are an easy way to increase your calorie and nutrient intake. For best results, blend a few high-calorie ingredients with a good source of protein.

7. Fruits & Veggies are Your Best Friend

Most people who are vegan rely on vegan junk food because they might not be aware of their nutrition properties.

Make sure you are not committing the same mistakes because these foods are often highly processed and unhealthy. 

Fortunately, there are many ways to replace your favorite meals with fruits and veggies.

If you are vegan, you should aim to increase your intake of calcium and iron-rich fruits and vegetables. Leafy greens such as spinach, bok choy, kale, mustard greens, and watercress.

Note: Fruits and veggies are healthy and can be used as an alternative for animal foods.

Try It 

Do you know that banana ice cream can be a popular replacement for dairy-based ice cream? You can blend a frozen banana until it is smooth and then add your preferred toppings on it. 

It’s Your Turn Now 

There are many other foods that can add extra calories needed to gain weight. Add these foods in your diet and you will surely see results in no time. 

And, make sure you are combining these foods with other nutritious ingredients, such as fruits, veggies, proteins, and whole grains.


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