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In this article, I’m going to discuss Better Than HCG Diet Drops Reviews. But, before we dive deep into the review of this product, let us first discuss how the product originated. 

According to WHO, the obesity rate has tripled since 1975 and there has been a huge growth in weight loss pills, slimming tea, and many other modern diets. Better Than HCG Diet Drop is one such weight loss pills claiming to help people lose weight.  

The diet focuses on the too low-calorie diet (1000 cal) which is actually a restrictive diet plan helping you lose weight. 

NOTE: At HealthShala, I never promote any fad diet that restricts you to eat too low calories, I mainly focus on a well-balanced diet and help you to change your lifestyle.   

Today, I am telling you about Better Than HCG Diet Drops reviews because, in case, if you are about to buy or thinking to buy this product, you should know the reality. 

Better Than HCG Drops Review

(Everything in the reviews is claimed by the company, not me. I will just tell you the real truth behind fat loss).

The company claims that it comes with 4 natural ingredients.  And, they are Nux Vomica, Thyroidinum, Ammonium Bromatum, and Calcarea Carbonica. When mixed together, they make up the weight loss drops. 

What Are These Ingredients?

Nux Vomica: It is a detoxifier that increases the digestion process (source).

Ammonium Bromatum: Known for fighting obesity and helps absorbing anything in the body (Source).

Thyroidinum: Known for boosting metabolism (Source). 

Calcarea Carbonica: Helps in preventing fat storage in your body (Source).

Who can use Better Than HCG Diet Drops? 

The drops can be used by obese and overweight people. Like every dietary supplement, you have to include a recommended diet. And, according to the HCG, you have to include 1000 calories in your diet plan and that is too restrictive. 

How To Use Better Than HCG Diet Drops?

According to the company, Better Than HCG Diet Drops is homeopathic weight loss medicine and they have three types of plans. 

  • 15-day plan
  • 30-day plan
  • 60-day plan

The starter plan or a 15-day plan, you will get BTHCG for 15 days.

The basic plan or a 30 days plan, you will get BTHCG for 30 days one bottle of vitamin B12 drops.

With the premium plan or a 60 days plan, you will get 2 weight loss drops and 2 bottles of vitamin B12 drops. 

According to the company, you can lose from 20 to 30 lbs within 15 to 30 days. 

(This is insane and is not considered an optimal way to lose weight)

The company also claims that the drops do not contain HCG hormone.

Foods Recommended With Better Than HCG diet Drops 

As discussed earlier in order to lose weight, you have to be on a restricted diet of up to 1000 calories per day according to the Better Than HCG Diet Drops.  

In my opinion, it is really difficult to follow a restricted diet in the long run and if we talk about practicality, no one can follow the restricted diet for the longest time. 

Better than HCG diet drops recommends a very special diet to its users (which is restrictive). When you are on a second phase, you are required to follow this diet. You are advised to eat 3 meals a day and one snack.


Your breakfast will have 150-200 calories.

For example, you can have: 

  • 1 cup of cereal with 1 cup of skim milk 
  • OR, 2 eggs with 1 piece of toast 
  • OR, 1/2 cup of oatmeal with 3 tbsp of almond or skim milk


Your lunch will have 250-275 calories.

For example, you can have:

  • 6-8 oz of protein from meat
  • OR, 1 1/2 cups of cottage cheese, with 2 cups of cooked 
  • OR, raw veggies and 1 cup of fruit


Your dinner will have 350-400 calories.

For example, you can have:

  • 6-8 oz of protein with 1 1/2 cups of cottage cheese
  • and, with 2 cups of cooked or raw veggies, and 1 cup of fruit


Your snack will have 125-225 calories. 

Types of meats you can eat in this diet plan

6-8 oz of bluefish, catfish, white fish, flounder, salmon, tuna, tilapia, ocean perch, sea bass, lobster, white pork roast, Filet Mignon, white chicken, ground round, venison, eggs, and white turkey.

Types of veggies you can eat in this diet plan

Approximately, 2 cups of raw or cooked green beans, mushrooms, asparagus, cabbage, onions, zucchini,  bean sprouts, dill pickles, radish, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli, celery, carrots, Brussels sprouts, carrots, bell peppers, and greens peas.

Types of fruits you can eat in this diet plan

1 cup of oranges, apples, cantaloupe, peaches, strawberries, plums, grapefruit, blueberries, raspberries, nectarines, and pears.

Types of Condiments you can eat in this diet plan

Lemon juice, vinegar to taste, tobacco sauce, soy sauce, Picante sauce, and horseradish must be used in moderation.

Types of foods you should avoid in this diet plan

Avoid oils, kinds of butter, and fats. Use Pam cooking spray while cooking. 

The Disadvantages of Better Than HCG Diet Drops

  • HCG hormone is not available in the drops (but the company claims to have better results).
  • No official verification of the product
  • Too expensive
  • No experts reviews 

Is It For Everyone?

Better than HCG diet drops recommend a diet plan of 1000 calories. As a health expert, I would not recommend anybody 1000 calories unless they require 1000 calories a day. 

Everybody is different and everyone’s calorie requirement is not the same. My daily calories requirements are 2400 calories and currently, I am on a fat loss phase, and I am eating my favorite food in my diet and still I am able to lose my fat and maintain my muscles at the same time.

Better Than HCG Diet Drops are for those who need 1000 calories a day. Otherwise, you will end up gaining that fat again. 

How To Use Better Than Hcg Diet Drops?

According to the company, you have to take the drops as follows:

  • Put the drops under the tongue and wait for 5 minutes for absorption
  • The company recommends 18 to 20 drops to be taken 3 times a day
  • You have to follow a 1000 calorie per day diet plan
  • Do not eat or drink anything 30 minutes after and before taking the drops

The Only Reason Behind Fat or Weight Loss

In order to lose weight or fat from your body, you have to be on a calorie deficit diet. But how much calorie deficit you want depends on individuals and what your goal is?

You cannot just have a too low-calorie deficit as Better Than HCG Diet Drops recommend to have 1000 calories. 

Not everyone has a requirement of 1000 calories per day. There are very few people who may have this requirement but going on a low-calorie deficit (too low) is not going to help you in the long run.

If you are thinking for the long-run gains, if you want to stay happy and healthy in the long run and in your 50s and 60s, you have to be on a sustainable calorie deficit. 

That’s the only reason to lose weight and fat for the long term and of course you have to do regular exercise and take proper sleep. 

This is actually a lifestyle. You have to adopt this in your lifestyle for better results. 

Looking for the short gain? you can have these drops.


I have discussed each and everything related to the Better Than HCG Diet Drops Reviews. I 

have discussed where this medicine started and who discovered it. 

What to eat in the diet and how many calories you have to take with the drops. I have also discussed the ingredients present in the medicine. 

I have discussed everything with you and in the end, I have given my reviews as to whether you should take it in or not. It all depends on individuals but if you want sustainable growth and want fat loss or weight loss, you need to be on a sustainable calories deficit. 

You have to eat a well-balanced diet that would give you full nutrients in the body which will be helpful in the long run and you will lead a disease-free life

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