How to Lose Fat and not Muscle

How to Lose Fat and not Muscle I recently covered a topic, how to build new healthy habits. Hope you have started going to the gym!

If you have started going to the gym, you may have different goals at present, right? One of the major issues faced by fitness enthusiasts is, HOW TO LOSE FAT AND NOT MUSCLE.

In fact, you are likely to lose little muscle when you are trying to get rid of your weight and fat. And, if you don’t want to lose your muscles while losing your fat, you need to follow specific exercises and diet.

Wait, are you sure you are not skipping anything???

Before you go further, you need to dive into the science of fat and muscle connection.

So let’s start: How to Lose Fat and not Muscle

Weight Loss and Fat loss are not similar

Do you really want to lose your weight or fat? Think about it!

In reality, most of the people want to lose fat, not weight. Let me explain to you!

There are two things you need to know about losing fat and gaining muscles. For fat loss, you need to go calorie deficit and to gain muscle; you need to go calories surplus.

So, when you go calorie deficit, your body needs to get a source to burn calories. And, your body has two options, one is your bad fat, and others will be your lean body muscles.

Of course, you want your body to burn body fat and not your lean muscles. However, your body doesn’t bother it at all. It just needs to burn calories, and it may be from anywhere or a combination of both.

As you have decides to hit the gym, and your goal is to burn body fat and not muscles tissues, but you have one question in mind. HOW? Healthshala has got your back!

Before you hit the gym without proper knowledge and end up having your muscles loss, this is how you can LOSE FAT AND NOT MUSCLE.

1.    Eat Enough Protein

Want to maintain your muscles while losing your body fat? Protein is the key!

Taking enough protein throughout the day will save your muscles mass, and you will feel confident when you loiter around with your gym buddies.

Losing fat and not muscle is all about taking sufficient protein daily. Even if you are not trying to gain muscle, you will be able to lose your weight from a fat loss just by increasing your protein intake daily.


Now, you may ask, what is the ideal amount of protein intake per day? Well, answer to this question is to take 0.8 to 1.2g of protein per pound of your present lean body mass.

And, if you are fat, aim for your ‘goal body weight’ in place of your current body weight.


2.    You Are What You Eat!

Now, you are aware of the fact that your goal is to lose fat, not your weight, right?

Moreover, it does not matter, whether you are a vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or a vegan; it is all about the type of food you eat to reduce fat, not muscle.

Now, let’s talk about the diet you should have to reduce your stubborn fat.

Here are the simple things to keep in mind:

Focus LEAN PROTEIN from animal or plant source


Stay away from eating too much SALT

And, limit the use of FATS! Well, I am kidding, I mean to say, POOR QUALITY FATS

On the other hand, you might have heard about Intermittent Fasting. Why not to try it as it has a tremendous amount of benefits? Such as:

Weight loss, obviously!

Improves brain health

Lower risk of type 2 diabetes

Improves heart health

Reduces the risk of cancer

All you need to do is to opt for a new and healthy habit and start today!

If you are not willing to do intermittent fasting, start small and try regular food that contains lots of protein and a combination of carbs, protein, and healthy fats. And make you are you enjoying eating good food!

3.    Too Much Cardio is a Bad Idea

Yes, you head it right! Many of you would argue about this statement.

But, the fact is if you are running too much or doing cardio daily, you will end up losing too many calories.

It is all about gaining muscles, and that means maintaining your strength. But if you do intense cardio regularly, you will lose enough of your strength. Yes, it may be a cliché for most of the people out there, but if you want to see the results ditch the intense cardio.

Your primary focus should be on How to Lose Fat and not Muscle, right? So, eat adequate protein, eat well, ditch the cardio, focus on strength training, and you will inevitably, and undoubtedly achieve your goal.

4.    Cutting Too Many Calories May Backfire

Yes, you got it right!

Working too much and reducing your calories to very low may backfire.

Now, you are aware of the logic behind calorie deficit. What about if your calorie deficit too high? What if you are burning too many calories?

Of course, you will end up losing your muscles and not fat.

And, by cutting fewer calories, you will definitely lose your fat, but slightly less. In fact, this is the best option that you can opt for. As it is said, ‘patience is the key,’ so, you need to be more patient while having any goal (How to Lose Fat and not Muscle?).

Keep in mind that more will be the calorie deficit, higher will be the muscles and fat loss. A calorie deficit is excellent but, it should be slightly less than your maintenance calories

You can aim for reducing from 300 to 400 calories for better results.

5.    Keep Doing The Strength Training

It is another essential aspect to achieve your goal to reduce stubborn fat from the body. You really need to keep doing the strength training while keeping your aim in mind.

By doing this, you will be able to burn required calories while maintaining your muscle tissues.

Moreover, you don’t have to reduce the weights you are lifting when you aim to reduce fat.

Now, you know the science behind reducing fat and not muscle. Just keep doing the strengths training and eat proper nutrition.

6.    Take care of your pre and post-workout nutrition

You might have heard from many people that pre and post workout is not at all important.

But, in reality, it is not the TRUTH!

As you are on a calorie deficit, your work capacity, recovery, training, performance, and tolerance power reduce exponentially. And, at this very crucial point of time, you are missing something BIG.

That is a pre and post workout meal! Yes, you got me, right!

If you want to lose fat and not muscle, per and post work out meal is equally important as taking protein to lose bad fat.

Now, you may ask what to eat before and after the workout, right?

Let’s not make it too complicated.


7.    It Is Best To Take Rest

Do you what is the best way to attain your goal? I think you know it. It is to take proper rest!

You need to prioritize your recovery. No, I’m not talking about active recovery, but proper SLEEP.

Yes, active recovery also plays a vital role in fat loss and muscle building. But, most people often ignore to take adequate rest.

In fact, lack of sleep is the main reason for obesity and weight gain.

Moreover, poor sleep can make you lethargic, and you will end up losing your motivation and confidence. As a result, you are likely to miss your gym the next day.

There is good news for you; take enough sleep to lose fat!  That’s seems interesting!

WOW! So, pack your bags and get ready for the gym so that you can have a sound sleep!

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Now that you are aware of the science behind fat loss and not muscle, you will indeed, require less effort.

All you have to do is to follow the above-tested points so that it does not stand like an obstacle in your way.

And, make sure you are taking enough sleep to make your fat loss process much smoother.


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