How Healthy is Subway? Is Subway Healthy?

How healthy is the subway? With the image of a healthy fast-food chain, Subway has taken over in many countries of the world. One of the most popular restaurant chains, Subway has more than 40,000 shops around the globe.

When you are trying to eat a healthy and balanced diet, eating out can prove to be bad for your health. But, what about if you are busy and don’t have time to prepare your healthy meal? Well, if you look deep, you will find that Subway can be your good companion in this case and can offer you a number of healthy food options. 

But, not everything at subway is healthy. Some items at subway are high in fat, sugar, salt, and calories. If you are asked to prepare a healthy sandwich with proper ingredients in it, you probably will feel it hard to do it, right? Having proper knowledge of nutrition, you make a healthy meal at subway. 

The best thing about subway is that it is transparent and provides readily available reports on its website. People are free to choose their bread, fresh veggies and all the other things available. It is up to the customers what they want to eat, how much calories they want, and how much fats they want in their meal. All they need is the knowledge of subway’s nutrition guide. 

As a customer, you can use this readily available information to select your meal at Subway. 

Why People Prefer Subway? 

When people visit Subway, they have the ability to customize their sandwich.  They are free to add veggies and whole-grain bread according to their choice. 

The nutrition value of each sandwich depends on the topping choices, and most of them are high in sodium. If you are a regular eater at subway, ordering more veggies and reducing the sodium content in your meals will help you balance your daily intake. 

Is Subway Really Healthy?

While building your sandwich, you basically pick from five major categories (meat, bread, cheese, veggies and condiments). Before coming to the conclusion, let us focus largely on them and its nutrition. 

Subway Bread 

The 9-grain wheat, the 9-grain honey oat, and the multigrain and artisan flatbreads are some of the healthiest bread options at Subway. Most probably, they are low in calories and sodium. 

Some Facts: 

  • A 6-inch roasted garlic roll contains 1,240mg of sodium.
  • The 6-inch Spinach contains 780mg of sodium.
  • Tomato Basil contains 730mg of sodium.
  • Habanero Wraps contain 690mg of sodium
  • A 6-inch Parmesan Oregano roll contains 490mg of sodium.  
  • A 6-inch Italian Herbs & Cheese contains 530mg of sodium.

And, footlong bread is double these amounts! Now, next time you visit subway for lunch, you already know the fact that a footlong on Italian herbs & cheese contains 1,070mg of sodium.

But, do you know the fact that sodium is an essential nutrient that helps you survive. On the other hand, excess sodium can lead health issues such as high blood pressure, heart failure, stroke and a wide range of other issues. 

Unfortunately, most of the food available in the market contains more sodium and if it is prevented, it would save many lives every year.  

The average recommended sodium intake per day is 1500 mg. But, most of the people take more than required. On the other hand, athletes can increase their sodium intake as they have to work out for more than an hour every day.

Let’s Dig More Deep: How Healthy is Subway

Cheesy garlic bread contains 790 of sodium, 480 calories, and 12 grams of saturated fat, which makes it the worst bread of subway. And, if you visit any fast food restaurant, you will find the same contents in it. If you opt for 12-inch roll, it is sure you won’t achieve your goal and end up with stubborn fats.   

Subway Meats

One of the most attractive subway sandwiches is meat and every meat varies in nutrition and calories. Do you know that subway has 30 different types of meat to offer you? You need to look into each meat to get to know about its calories and nutrition value. Make sure you are taking plain meat instead of red meat as it is the healthier options.

Subway Veggies 

Everyone is aware of the fact that veggies are an important part of our diet. Do you know why subway has a name when it comes to healthy fast food? Of course, it is the use of lots of veggies in their subs. And, if you want to more nutrition in your diet, adding more veggies will do the trick. 

So next time, you go visit the subway, make sure you are going big with veggies.

Subway Cheese 

Cheese at subway is not as healthy as you think. The fast-food chain offers American, provolone, pepper jack, Swiss and cheddar cheese at their outlets with cheddar, American, and pepper jack being the worst options. 

Remember, anything that contains more fat and especially sodium is not worth eating.  

Subway Condiments 

One of the best ways to add flavours to your food is by adding condiments. But, do you know if you add the wrong sauce in your sub, it may be a disaster for you. 

Adding some oil, vinegar, mustard or light mayo can be a good choice. However, sweet onion and sweet chili sauces may prove to be scary for you. And, the same goes for the Ketchup, Honey Mustard, and Barbecue Sauce. 

Choosing 12-inch bread can prove to be scarier in your fitness journey as the quantity of these ingredients would increase.

How to Make a Healthy Subway Sandwich 

Till now, you might have got an idea of what to do when you visit subway. And, it is not 100% unhealthy!

However, this is how I prepare a meal whenever I visit any subway outlet… I have broken down into 5 parts:

  • Choose The Bread Wisely

Bread always comes first when you visit subway. 

Don’t opt for white bread Italian such as herbs and cheese, Italian, garlic or flatbread, as they are junk. Rather opt for whole wheat bread to make your meal full of nutrition. 

Settling to 9-grain wheat or 9-grain honey oat would work best for you. The only difference between these two is that the 9-grain honey oat contains more sugar, calories and sodium.

Whenever I visit the subway outlet, I always look regular wheat and prefer a big portion of veggies.

  • Choose the Sandwich Wisely

I prefer veggie sandwich over meat because meat most of the times as it is added with lots of preservatives which makes it unacceptable. 

If you are not regular at subway, then you can eat a chicken sandwich as it won’t do much harm. In a nutshell, you can choose any of them if you don’t visit the restaurant often. 

  • It’s Time For Cheese  

Really? Think once again! 

Cheese at subway is loaded with lots of sodium and fat (bad fats, not healthy fats), and cholesterol. People choose cheese after selecting the bread because it tastes good and they are unaware of its ingredients. 

So, next time you visit subway and when they ask you to add extra cheese, you know the right answer? 

Always go for healthy food options such as avocado as they are full of nutrients and without any preservatives. Cheese, on the other hand, is packed with preservatives which is not acceptable. 

  • Now Veggies 

Adding veggies is my favourite part! 

The best thing about subway is that it has a variety of veggies to choose from. And, this is why it is considered as the healthy fast-food chain. 

Ask them to add more Lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, and onions in your meal. Remember, you can always ask for more veggies, that is why it is one of my favourites fast-food chain.

Instead of adding pickles, black olives, jalapeños and banana peppers on your sandwich, ask them to add carrots and sweet peppers.  Adding a few of them is ok, but don’t double them. 

  • The last round

Is Subway Healthy? How Healthy Is Subway? You might have got an idea about it till now!!!

But, don’t forget the last round of your meal preparation. And it is seasoning and sauce. Well, the subway is not good with this part as far as health is a concern because they lack in variety of sauce and seasoning. You can play safe with red wine vinegar and the mustard or a combination of both.

The sweet onion, pepper and oregano are the best option that you can choose. 

It’s Your Turn To Decide 

As far as health is a concern, there are many restaurants that are doing better than the subway. If you still want to stick to the subway, don’t stick to it for long. Visiting the outlet once or twice a month is fine. 

Before you give your order, do not forget to look at subway’s nutrition guide.

Good news for all subway lovers! It is possible to eat healthy at subway. Hurray!!!

Most meals at subway appear to be healthy, but in reality, they are not. You just need to be careful while selecting the ingredients added in the sandwich. 


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