What Do You Mean By The Term Fat Protein Efficient?

Have you ever heard about the term Fat Protein Efficient? Well, some of you might have, but I am sure for many of you, it might be an alien term. Don’t worry!!!

Ever wondered why a few people shed their weight easily while you cannot.

Why do some of your friends remain fit even if they are eating lots of fats and you are not even touching it, but still not getting results?

The reason might be you are not Fat Protein Efficient.

I know, I know, what you are thinking right now what is fat protein efficient. Well, there is nothing to worry about most people are unaware of this term including most fitness experts.

If we talk about the term “fat protein efficient,” it is connected to Metabolic Typing Diet

Now some of you might not be aware of the metabolic type diet. There is nothing to worry about. You will definitely learn something new from this article.

What’s In The Article: 

What is Metabolic Type? How and what to eat
How to find your metabolic type? Pros and cons
Should you consume A Word From HealthShala

In this article, you will get to know what is fat protein efficient, how the metabolic typing diet is connected to it and what you should follow to get results? 

What is Metabolic Type?

(To make it simple for you)  

According to the metabolic typing diet, people burn calories in their own and different ways because every person has a different metabolism.

How did this concept originate?

In 1930, Western price told that everyone has a different digestive system and everyone metabolizes micronutrients differently, and it depends on their genetics, body types, lifestyle, the location they live in, etc.

It is actually based on the hypothesis that once you know your metabolic type you are able to adjust micronutrients accordingly and as a result, you will lose weight and grow your overall health.

The metabolic type diet is basically categorised into 3 types and each should eat according to their categories.

What Are The Different Metabolic Types?

The leading authority of metabolic typing, William Walcott, wrote a book by the name the metabolic typing diet

In this book, he wrote that there are three metabolic types which are:

  • Fat Protein Efficient (Fast Oxidizer)
  • Carbohydrates Efficient (Slow Oxidizer)
  • Mix Oxidizer

let’s discuss each in detail: 

Fat Protein Efficient 

If someone is Fat Protein Efficient, it means they can digest fat and protein easily, but not carbohydrates. They love snacks and crave salty foods. They are also known as fast oxidizers.

According to the metabolic type diet, people who are fat protein efficient should consume high amounts of protein and fat in the diet to improve their overall well being.

Carbohydrates Efficient 

They can digest carbohydrates easily as compared to fats and protein. They are also known as slow oxidizers.

These people have fluctuating weights.

According to the metabolic typing diet, they can stay healthy If they include more carbohydrates in the diet as compared to the protein or fats.

Mixed Oxidisers

Last but not least, the mixed oxidisers love both sweet and salty foods. 

They never struggle for their weight and can stay healthy in the long term if they consume all micronutrients in the diet.

How to Find Your Metabolic Type?

Now that you know the types of metabolic diet, you might be considering how to find out your metabolic type.

Let’s find out!!!

At best, you should consult a nutritionist to have your “Metabolic Type Test” because you will get the most accurate results but I bet that most of you can’t find a nutritionist near you or many nutritionists don’t recommend this diet. 

Or, you can simply search on Google “Metabolic Typing Diet test” to get the optimum results. 

Or, you can check your type here

Why Do You Need to Know About Your Metabolic Type?

There is a reason why your friend is able to digest ghee, butter, or any dry fruit easily and not get fat, while you gain weight even if you eat a handful of nuts.

How and What To Eat On a Metabolic Typing Diet?

As discussed, there are three types of metabolic typing diet, if you are about to start this diet, you should know this.  

  1. TYPE A (Fat Protein Efficient or Slow Oxidizer)

If you are fat protein efficient it means you will digest fat and protein much efficiently as compared to carbs. So, most of the diet must contain high-quality protein and healthy fats. 

your plate must have: 

  • 50% protein 
  • 30% of fats and 
  • 20% carbs.

Go for proteins that are dark in colour such as, dark meat, chicken, Salman and tuna.

Try to include the whole dairy in your diets such as ghee, butter, and whole milk. As you are fat efficient, it means you digest these foods much efficiently.

NOTE: Fats are not bad. They are helpful and have a whole lot of benefits. 

Don’t eat trans fats or hydrogenated fats, they are not good for your health. Muscle building depends on what you eat clean, not junk. 

Trans fats come from most of the packaged foods. So, next time you buy any product, don’t forget to see its labels. 

  1. TYPE B (Carbohydrate Efficient)

Carbohydrate efficiency means you digest carbohydrates much efficiently as compared to fat or protein.

Try to include complex carbs in your diet. There are two types of carbohydrates, one is simple and the other is complex.

Carbohydrates, such as whole foods, oats, Dalia, brown rice, brown bread, etc are complex. 

An ideal diet for carbohydrate efficient is: 

  • 70% carbs
  • 24 protein and, 
  • 10% fat.

So, you don’t have to think about completing your daily protein carbs that are easily available at affordable prices. 

Eat grains such as Barley, brown rice, whole wheat bread, instead of white bread, and white pasta.

NOTE: Eating less protein does not mean that you have to ignore protein totally or eat low quality protein try to include high-quality protein such as from lentils, beans, lean meat, and Milk products.

  1. TYPE C (Mixed Metabolic Type)

Till here you know the difference between the metabolic type a and type b. 

And, if you are unable to find out your type and you are in a dilemma whether to follow A or B, you are definitely a mixed metabolic type or type C. 

You can digest all the macronutrients easily.

You don’t crave for salty or sweet foods. 

Your plate must contain: 
  • 33% protein 
  • 33% of fats and 
  • 33% carbs

That’s great, right? But, wait!!!

Don’t just eat processed foods, bad fats and low-quality protein. Try to eat clean foods in order to get results and to get healthy in the long term

Pros and Cons of Metabolic Type Diet

Every coin has two sides. Hope you agree with this statement. 

Let’s discuss the benefits first.

Metabolic type diet is an individualized diet rather than so-called modern diets such as keto or paleo because these diets recommend the same macros for every individual. 

But, according to the Metabolic type diet, everyone is different so their diet. 

If your body is fat protein efficient, you will have to eat more protein and fat rather than carbohydrates. 

Not only this, but the best part of this diet is also that it promotes healthy eating such as whole foods, vegetables, fruits, lean protein, etc. 

This diet does not allow processed food and refined carbohydrates, added sugar as they don’t keep you full for longer and you tend to eat more food. As a result, getting shape becomes a dream for you. 

All types (fat protein efficient, carbs efficient and mixed) are not allowed to drink alcohol, caffeine as they are not suitable for your body. 

Let’s discuss the cons.

No Scientific Research: Till now, there is no science-based research behind the metabolic typing diet. This study is based on assumptions only. On the other hand, if we talk about a normal or a balanced diet, there are a lot of studies behind it.   

No balanced meal: No diet can replace a balanced diet (where protein, carbs, and fats are included in every meal) when it comes to overall fitness and for the long term. 

On the other hand, the metabolic typing diet is not a balanced diet at all. Either, you have to eat more carbs or fats or protein in your diet. No matter what your metabolic type is, you are not getting a balanced diet. 

Should you consume a Metabolic type of diet? 

Well, it depends! 

But, most of the dieticians all around the world do not recommend this diet as it is not balanced. 

In addition, this diet is not for the long-term. 

You might start this diet, but how long can you follow this diet? Of course, for a shorter period.  

And, there is not any research that says anything about metabolic type diet. 

For example, you live in a region where most people consume carbs and most of you are vegetarian. What will you do then? 

Eating a well-balanced diet with the right workout and proper sleep is the long term solution. 

Most importantly, this is the main reason why modern diets never work. Because they are not sustainable. 

A Word From HealthShalaIf you want to follow a Metabolic Typing Diet, please contact your dietician first before applying anything on your body. Your dietician can make a customized diet plan for your body. However, it is recommended to have a balanced diet if you want to stay fit for the rest of your life.


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