Can You Lose Weight with Drinking More Water ?

Water is required for various functions in the body. Our body is mostly made up of water.

Water is required for digestion, breathing, and various other functions. An adequate amount of water is required to keep the body hydrated.

A dehydrated body is always at risk of various health problems. To keep the body hydrated you must drink an adequate amount of water daily.

You can drink other fluids as well such as mushroom broth to fulfil the water requirement of your body.

According to many experts, water is effective for weight loss. In the United States of America various people who try to lose weight increase their water intake.

It is not a myth, various studies and researches support water effects for weight loss.

In this article, we will discuss the effects of water for weight loss.

Burn More Calories

Calories in your body can increase your weight. Have you ever heard of “Resting Energy Expenditure”? 

It means, drinking more water can burn more calories.

Both the cold water and warm water are beneficial to lose weight. But, according to various studies, cold water is more effective to burn calories than warm water.

Because, in the case of cold water, your body will use calories to warm it. This will result in more calories burned.

Burning calories will ultimately reduce your weight.

Reduce Appetite

Drinking more water can reduce your appetite. Drinking more water can keep your stomach filled for a short period. After that, water will be filtered as urine. 

But for a short period, water can keep your stomach full to reduce appetite. Then you can drink water again.

Drinking water before a meal, you can fill your stomach that will reduce your appetite. This is more effective in adults.

Lower Risk of Weight Gain

Water is a calorie-free liquid. Drinking water will not increase calorie content in your body. It can even prevent calorie intake by keeping your stomach full. 

Drinking water can reduce calorie intake and remove toxins from your body as well. If you followed a weight loss diet and reduced your weight you can maintain it by drinking more water in later days.

Water will reduce your appetite and prevent weight gain.

Drink water throughout the day even if you are overweight. Water will aid you to burn more calories and promote weight loss.

How Much Water is Required Daily?

According to various studies, at least 2 litres of water are required daily for the body to function properly. But this number may differ depending on various factors. 

Here are some factors which determine how much water you should drink daily. 

Type of body, place of living, how much you sweat, and the food you eat. Older people may require more water. 

Drinking mineral water is not the only option. You shroud also consume other healthy fluids such as grass fed beef bone broth, coffee, fruits, milk, and others.

When you should drink water? 

The best time to drink water is when you are thirsty. Quench your thirst by drinking enough water instead of just taking some sips.

According to studies, at least 2l of women and 3l for men of water are required per day to promote weight loss in the body. But some people may need more and some may need less amount of water than that.

For example, if you are living in a country or city that is too hot your body may require more water to stay hydrated. If you are living in a country that is cold you may require less water.

Drinking too much water is also not recommended. A maximum of 2 to 3 litres is enough. Otherwise, you will suffer water toxicity that is not good for health.


Water is good for health and it is required for various functions in the body. Without drinking an adequate amount of water, the body will become dehydrated that can cause complex health problems.

How much water you should drink depends on various factors such as type of the body, place where you are living, and food that you are eating. 

If you sweat too much, you may require to drink more water to keep the body hydrated

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