What Do You Mean By The Term Fat Protein Efficient?

Fat Protein Efficient

Have you ever heard about the term Fat Protein Efficient? Well, some of you might have, but I am sure for many of you, it might be an alien term. Don’t worry!!! Ever wondered why a few people shed their weight easily while you cannot. Why do some of your friends remain fit even if … Read more

Is Vodka Good For Health? Health Benefits, Dosage & Side Effects

Is Vodka Good For Health

Vodka consumption is a very controversial topic, which traditionally creates a lot of controversies.

Vodka is a good option for Health as it is low in calories. Vodka helps in lowering cholesterol and is a great stress reducer. Vodka can also increase blood flow in your body that can prevent strokes, clots and other diseases. 

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Can You Lose Weight with Drinking More Water ?

Can You Lose Weight with Drinking More Water

Water is required for various functions in the body. Our body is mostly made up of water.

Water is required for digestion, breathing, and various other functions. An adequate amount of water is required to keep the body hydrated.

A dehydrated body is always at risk of various health problems. To keep the body hydrated you must drink an adequate amount of water daily.

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7 Protein-Rich Vegetarian Foods

Protein-Rich Vegetarian Foods

Proteins are made up of amino acids and are known as the building blocks of life. 

They take more time to digest than other macronutrients (carbs and fats) and helps you stay full on fewer calories [Source]—Exciting news for anyone trying to lose weight.

The main concern about the veg diet is that there might be an absence of adequate protein. But, many health experts admit that the right veg diet can provide you with all the nutrients you need

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How Protein Can Help You Lose Weight Effortlessly

Lose Weight

Protein helps you lose weight because it is satiating, keeps you full, and grows your muscles. 

A high protein diet is not only helpful in muscle growth but also helps in weight loss. Period! 

Protein – One of the Important Macronutrients for Weight Loss

Proteins are made up of amino acids and are known as the building blocks of life. Your body uses protein for growth and maintenance. Most people know that protein is a necessary part of their diet and helps in building muscles. But most of them have no idea how important protein is to the body.

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